Thursday, December 30, 2010

Simply Put: I Am a Bandit

Some "Christmas babies" despise that their birthday is at Christmas time. 
People cheat you out of presents and just give you something for both.

I have never ever had that experience.
I make out like a BANDIT at Christmas/Birthday time!

So in honor of my amazing family and friends making me feel like a Bandit, I'm all about stripes today!!

This is one of my all-time favorite pictures - I think it's the heart that catches my eye more than the pretty blue stripes.

I love the contrast of this whole room and adjacent room!

I adore the creativity of extending the stripes onto the ceiling!!

I even love these intentionally "messy" stripes!

Probably my favorite look of all is these horizontal stripes that are all different widths.  I also love the round mirror on them - a contrast in shape!

Being the flea market sucker that I am, I think these aged paintings look so unique on these narrow, crisp black and white stripes.  The paintings really catch my eye against this backdrop!

How fun is this door??  I think this is perfect for a courtyard or poolhouse or something!

I love the holidays and all that comes with, but this birthday girl is ready to get back in the routine (and the GYM) today!  Because let's be honest - with all I've eaten lately - stripes are NOT my friend!!

~ the brunette

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  1. Wow, those horizontal stripes in different widths! To die for!