Monday, December 13, 2010

NYC bound!

I have one thing on my mind this Monday morning and that's packing!  Would you believe that I am leaving for NYC in less than 48 hours, and I don't even have my outfits planned...that's craziness!  I guess since it's so cold right now I know that what's under my coat will rarely be seen so it's all about layering and outerwear....there's only one problem, outwear takes up lots of room when packing!

I feel like this is pretty much going to be my staple day wear look.  My husband gave me a really cute army green, military inspired coat for my anniversary (much cuter than this one featured)!

ACNE - Kex raw soft denim
$199 -
Acne jeans »

Black Floppy Hat
20 GBP -
Wool hat »

Black snowflake handwarmers
8 GBP -
Dorothy Perkins gloves »

$25 -

(Sorry for all the product listings...this is the only you can import polyvore sets into blogger now)

For night, I'm thinking sparkle!  I'm taking one solid sequin dress, but I'm kind of having a fit for this one too.  Please do not judge this dress based on that model's awful hair:)
This dress is really pretty in person and it's just sitting at a local boutique waiting to go to NYC with me! 

I think I love it so much because it reminds me of this stunner...obviously, the designer dress on the stunning model is way cooler, but still...the color is the same:)

I feel like it's silly to shop here when I'm about to go there, but this dress is calling my name!
So wish me luck with my packing endeavors as we prepare to head to the City...

Really just wish that I look as cool as this blonde while trying to keep warm:)

the blonde


  1. we are headed to new york this week, too! i am also struggling to pack since it's going to be so cold!!! hope you have a blast!

  2. OMG, that's so exciting! We really don't have any plans, so if you have any great suggestions please pass them along!
    Safe travels!