Wednesday, December 1, 2010

fire + water

Fire and water - can you think of two more opposite things?

But what's better than a hot bath on a cold night?

A hot bath with a FIRE on a cold night!

This time of year, when all I can think of is being warm and at home, I am loving these bathrooms with fireplaces!

Even when spring and summer come once again, flowers or stacks of wood are beautiful in the fire!

I don't know about you all, but these images make me want to go home and SOAK!  :o)

~ the brunette


  1. Our next house will have a bathtub, mark my words!

  2. I live in a sweet old 1910 building with all the original crown molding with the original cast iron clawfoot bathtub. I soak in that thing every single night. It is my lifeline.

  3. PinkSass- me too!
    ellelove7 - all I can say is "lucky girl"!!