Thursday, December 2, 2010

how low can you go??

About a month ago, we both joined the Arkansas Arts Center and a specific member group within the Arts Center called Contemporaries

We both joined the group as a way to meet people and "network", but also because we both love and appreciate art! 

Last night, we attended an event where Collectors and Contemporaries were able to preview artwork for purchase.  While there were several beautiful, stunning pieces for sale, there were also several with extremely shocking price tags.  Some artwork I get - there were some pieces that clearly took hundreds of hours to complete - and I get those.  But other pieces appear to have taken 10 minutes and carry price tags of several thousand dollars.  But there is a market and people pay those prices.

I try to compare it to fashion and think, "Well, you're paying for the name for a lot of it - the name of the artist or the name of the designer."  But let's face it - fashion gets me sometimes in that respect too.

But that is not at all the point of this post - the point is, for those collectors - those who spends multiple thousands of dollars at a time - where do they put all those paintings?  Probably in their huge houses. 

But I think they also have to GET LOW!

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If you're anything like me - I tend to hang artwork in the range from my fingertips stretched over my head - to my belly button. 

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Abigail Ahern - kills me every time.  This lady has STYLE!  :o)

Some walls are covered in art, and some just choose to hang it low for no reason at all...

I really want to make a conscious effort to get low...
(I'm a huge fan of the "leaners")...

Or for that matter - to get high...

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The Brinsons can do no wrong in my book.  Ever.

What do you think?
Should art be kept at eye level or spread anywhere from the ceiling to the floor?

I love this hodge podge...especially mixing mirrors with the art...

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Do you get low?
Do you get high?
Or do you keep it right near the eye?

(couldn't resist that little rhyme!)

~ the brunette

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