Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Holiday (un)Craft!

Aren't crafts fun around the holidays??
I mean we're stuck inside anyway because of the cold, so why not do something fun while you're watching "Elf" for the 20th time?

I'm calling this an (un)Craft because it's for those of us who have no special skills whatsoever.  :o)

Aren't these fun??
I don't know about you, but I always end up with scrap ribbon around the holidays - why not recycle it??

Here's how we did it:
For supplies, you need a canvas, a brush, acrylic paint, glitter, ribbon, glue and something for "ornaments".

1. Paint your canvas:

2. Acrylic paint dries really fast, so we sprayed a clear seal coat on the canvas and sprinkled the glitter on the canvas while it was still wet.

My mom used a regular black glitter first, then "dusted" over it with Martha Stewart glitter in silver, which is a smaller, finer glitter.

3. Start by glueing your middle ribbon (to determine the height of the tree)

4.  This is where my mom and I went separate directions.  She carefully planned which Christmas ribbons to stick where.  I just glued stuff on randomly.  I didn't use Christmas ribbon.  :o)
Then we took some little glitter pieces and glued them on top as "ornaments"

My tree:

(my glitter was crappy - it was a learning curve - and I do want to point out the glue "dots" at the bottom of the ribbon did dry eventually so you don't see those now)

My mom's first tree:
(she went back and added to hers, which you see at the top of the post)

We had so much fun with these, my mom and a friend of hers decided to make several more as gifts!

Happy (un)Crafting!

~ the brunette

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  1. How cute, I love it!
    You could use the same idea to do super cute Christmas cards with left over ribbon!