Friday, December 17, 2010

Fa La La Friday: Alterna-Trees

Remember that scene in "Skipping Christmas" when they find out Blair is coming home for Christmas and Luther Krank goes to buy a tree from the boyscouts and all they have left is a twig they sell him for $75, then he gets home and the tree is bare so he has to "borrow" his neighbor's tree???

That's just about the point we're to this year - the stores and christmas tree lots are pretty sparse by now.  If you haven't gotten your tree, you've probably missed the boat.

Or maybe you live in a small apartment and simply don't have room for a tree.

Here are a few ideas for "alterna-trees"

I love Scandinavian style, so these next two images are so cute to me...

If Luther Krank had only a little vision, his twig could've looked festive!  :o)

Don't those look like they go in the same house with this cute mantle I posted last week??

But back to the "trees"....
There are two that catch my eye in this image - the twig tree, and also a baby tree on the wall made out of scrap wood trim...
I love them both.

This one is another made from scrap wood trim, but has a more rustic/country look...

One person painted a canvas with chalkboard paint and drew herself a tree.  You could change the "colors" of your tree ornaments daily with this kind of tree!  ;o)

Who doesn't have a ladder sitting around in the way somewhere??  Of course my aluminum ladder somehow isn't nearly as charming as this old white wooden one...

I've seen several people getting creative with books this year.  This one leaves a lot to be desired in my opinion (but I must give props for ingenuity)...

This one is pretty cute to me though.  And the fake snow is just icing on the tree.  :o)

Encyclopedia's are pretty much dust collectors with the invention of the internet, but only a library has this many on-hand...

Another clever "tree" made from Christmas cards.  I don't know about you all, but I'm always looking for fun ways to display Christmas cards!

The blonde has a card tree that is super cute.  Similar to this "idea" - but way cuter.

My favorite part of the tree is the lights, so I like these lighted twigs in a vase (kind of want them anyway) - I saw some at a home accessories store last week and they're really cute.  :o)

I could also settle for a "candle " tree because this is so pretty to me...
and also Scandinavian style, I would say  :o)

I still love my "real", fake purple tree, but I think several of these would be cute supplements in other rooms!  
Have a great weekend!

~ the brunette

(for image sources, view our pinboard)

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