Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Holiday Hike

After indulging with a little too much food and drink Friday night, I woke up early Saturday morning to go for a hike with my dad.

Along the way, plans changed, and I ended up playing tourist downtown with my mom and dad.

Here are a few snippets from my beautiful downtown Hot Springs (on a very cold, overcast morning).

Maxine's Puzzle Room - one thing I love about Hot Springs is how over the years, things continually change.  The puzzle room was a coffee shop, connected to a lingerie store for a long time.  Now it is a music hotspot in Hot Springs.

I love all the old buildings.  At street level there are all kinds of stores.
Above are businesses, the second floor in the background of the picture used to be the Poet's Loft - not sure if it still is or not??

Until recently, the Buckstaff was the only bathhouse still in operation.  It is still the "truest" to the original experience of a bath.

Throughout downtown, there are fountains with the hot water, where you can take a sip.

One of my favorite parts about downtown is all the old murals...

The Arlington Hotel - definitely the most recognizable landmark downtown, and such an interesting history.

According to legend, Al Capone rented the entire fourth floor when he came to Hot Springs. (Supposedly he was a good tipper.) The Al Capone suite rents for $350 a night. That's more than the Ronald Reagan suite, which goes for a mere $295.

Random shale cliff wall - this forms the back "wall" of a parking lot.

This is the most recognizable painted ad on a building in Hot Springs

The Pancake Shop is also a major tourist attraction because they serve amazing breakfast!

I love this building - it used to be Cafe Rue Orleans and have the BEST beignets.  I haven't been inside since it's Rolando's.

Mountain Valley Water company is located in downtown Hot Springs, but it's not actually Hot Springs water.

The historic Majestic Hotel...

The Arlington Hotel lobby does a big gingerbread house every year.  This is me and my mom - with rosy pink cheeks from walking!

Across from the Arlington is a public park with the Hot Springs cascading down the mountain.

A nice drink of hot water on a cooold day!
(I look like I have a pillow on my butt - geez louise!)

It definitely felt good to get out and move my bones after a big meal, and really take in the beauty of my hometown.

~ the brunette


  1. Looks like it was a good walk! I love downtown Hot Springs, too. You took pics of some of my fave spots :) I hate that I'm going to miss out on Christmas in Hot Springs this year!! Boo.

  2. Liz I can't wait to see pics of your fabulous holiday! I know you will be an amazing hostess!