Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday - Don't Sweat It!

After wearing what I want all weekend, I have a seriously hard time putting on work clothes again on Mondays!  In the past few months, I've noticed stylish girls "dressing up" their sweats! 

Now I would never wear sweats to work, but these stylish girls sure tempt me to try it!

(image: unknown)
Isn't it crazy how a hot pair of heels dresses up an oversized sweatshirt??

(image: sartorialist)

I love this, seriously.

(image: unknown)
While those sweatshirt dresses look comfy, my legs might get a little cold.
But can you believe how pretty hair and jewelry makes these sweats look - kind of stylish?!?!

Even an oversized sweatshirt can look great paired with skinny jeans and short boots...

(image: unknown)

This is technically not a sweatshirt, it's a sweaterdress, but how cozy and warm does this look?
It's from Zara's fall collection.

(image: zara)

What do you think - are sweats forever frumpy and dumpy?
Or can they look cute and cozy if styled right??

~ the brunette

(sorry I don't know most of my image sources - it's safe to assume they are from Vogue Diaries, Sartorialist or Jak & Jill)

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