Friday, April 2, 2010

A Little Easter Candy...

In honor of the sweetest, most colorful holiday - we're going all pastels today!
Hope you enjoy the eye candy:)

Beautiful soft rooms...

Aren't they delicious?  Love the purple ikat sofa!

A fun and festive little nook.

Yummy shoes...

and a cake too pretty to eat!

We wish you a relaxing weekend full of gorgeous days,
restful nights

and tons of colorful fun!

Happy Easter weekend...enjoy!

(and remember to eat lots of candy)

(images from Daisy Pink Cupcake, ???, Coco+Kelley)

~ the Blonde & the Brunette


  1. Now, whose closet is that with the neatly arranged, pastel shoes all lined up in a row? ;-p

  2. Not Malina's or they would all be black!! haha :oP

  3. already in love with this blog!! Ok, Laura - that first bedroom suit has to be mine one day!! That is PERFECTION! :)

  4. You're so sweet! Thanks for checking it out Nikki!!!