Monday, April 12, 2010

long weekend...short post:)

After a long and hectic weekend, these soothing neutral rooms with natural wood just feel appropriate.

I'm in love with the front of this house. 
If you love it too Restoration Hardware has the exact same planters.

Doesn't the bedroom feel so comfy and cozy?  There's something about that rustic wood headboard mixed with all those soft creamy colors

I wish I was just now getting out of this bed and walking into this kitchen for a cup of coffee.

Then settling down at this table to enjoy the newspaper and a little breakfast.

I would end my morning and start my afternoon lounging in this beautiful living room.  Love all the glam in this room mixed with the natural wood trim.

It was a long weeknd so today is a short post!  Hope these rooms give everyone a little comfort and escape from the Monday morning doldrums.

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