Wednesday, April 7, 2010

{garden stools}: vividly versatile

Garden stools are EVERYWHERE!  They are the foo dogs of last year, the Keep Calm poster of the year before - the must have, go-to home item.  And we love them!!!!

This little piece of ceramic goodness is so versatile - they come in all colors, you can set them anywhere, and you can buy them everywhere - they are fabulous and an instant update to your interior or exterior decor!
Yellow seems to be a very popular color, but we have seen them in every color imaginable and in a few prints.

Remember this room from the suzani post...another yellow garden stool.

The best thing about this trendy beauty is that you can truly stick them anywhere.  They work as spare seating, an end table and they look so cute stuck in any random's all about the details:)

The blonde has a turquoise one stuck under a console table...wishing I had bought two!  Originally, I was going to paint it, but now I love the turquoise...perfect little punch of color for spring.

Speaking of color...

They work great as a pair.

Another picture from a past post...not trying to bore you, but this one had to be included.  How amazing is that metallic garden stool?!?

If you want to recreate this look Wisteria has a metallic silver and gold! 
Seriously, once you start looking you can find these stools everywhere and at every price point.  Unless it's a specialty stool, like the metallics, then I wouldn't pay over $50.  We bought ours for $30 at TJ Maxx and I've seen many at that price...try Garden Ridge, Tuesday Morning, Home Goods/TJ Maxx or Big Lots.  Also, don't forget about the power of a can of spray paint if you can't find the color you want.
Garden stools obviously work outside too...

The brunette has a yellow one outside on her cute is this little scene!

~ the Blonde & the Brunette

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  1. SO cute! this blog makes me want to go shop and design and re-vamp my life! haha :) LOVE IT