Thursday, April 15, 2010

knot heads!

The top knot has been making its way around the runways for a few seasons and now it's trickling down to the streets and is perfect for summer!

How cute does Vanessa look with her top knot and white dress?!?

This messy up-do looks so Parisian and chic...

but for some reason I always feel like I look like I'm about to wash my face?!?
This gorgeous lady doesn't look like that...

Carrie Bradshaw has been rocking the top knot for years.
(Yes, I know all the CB/SJP references are getting a little old, but I can't help it...maybe after the movie arrives I'll be able to quit?!?)

A successful top knot needs to be messy and not too perfect....try not to over think it or add too many pins.
Perfect Top Knot:

Perfect Top Bun:
A cleaner, more polished version.

Okay, since we are talking about hair I am going to take this opportunity to express my hatred towards this hairdo/style/catastrophe...
{blonde steps on to soap box}
I live in the south and girls have unfortunately been sporting "the bump" for a few years.  I have always wanted to say, "show me one person in a magazine or on a red carpet or any "trendsetter" that wears their hair like that" and now to much of my horror they can reply with "snookie."  AAGGGHHH, the frustration. 

Sorry to rant, but I just do not understand.  I felt like southern girls were finally getting over it and now it all starts again.

Don't get me wrong I love big hair and would never leave the house without a little backcombing, but there's a difference. 

When it works...
Jessica is a great example of how you can wear the look in a more sophisticated and modern fashion.  I love her hair in this pic.

Wow, I'm so glad I got to get that off my chest:)  Obviously anyone can wear their hair however they like...this is just my passionate opinion on the subject.

~the blonde


  1. I could not agree more with your back combing rant. For one I just look stupid with the snookie do so I def. am not a fan but I think almost everyone else looks terrible with it too! lol

  2. Thanks for the support:) I almost felt a little mean for freaking out like that, but it really bothers me...

    How are the wedding plans coming? You haven't given a dress update in a few weeks?!?