Monday, April 26, 2010

Fast Weekend, Slow Morning

We both had a crazy busy weekend -
the blonde had rehearsal dinners, showers, weddings, parties non-stop,

and the brunette had a 24-hour/day nursing gig for this baby...
(my little Gracie had knee surgery Friday, Sunday night was her first time in the E-collar and she was not a happy girl)

and a great friend Lisa in town from Dallas ~

~ SO ~

this expresses how we feel this morning

Can't we have one more day of weekend??
Pretty please???

Better posts will come - pinky swear!

(P.S. - we do not know any of the people at that wedding, although it looks like a blast, and that is not Lisa and I, nor did we have a pajama party and hold hands)  :o)

Happy Monday!
~ the Blonde and the Brunette

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  1. Love it!!! I had a super good time! Hope to see you, Gracie and Brooks again soon!