Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Pink Side of the Moon

I had sincere intentions of posting this yesterday but it somehow slipped past me.

Did anyone happen to notice the moon last night?  I searched and searched but it was not visible from any vantage point near my house (on foot). 
Supposedly, last night was the once annually occurence of the Pink Moon. 

Admittedly, neither the blonde or the brunette really wear pink.

Nothing against the color - we just don't for some reason.
Recently I came across these pictures of just a splash of pink and am completely intrigued.

To me, these accents of pink add a feminine touch without making her "the girl in pink".
Come in and take a look at some other pink accents...

Aren't these pink doors intriguing?  I am dying to see what's on the other side - seems like it would be a magical, girly place!

My all-time-favorite "pink accent" is this painted staircase.  So pretty!

A pink daybed really warms up a neutral white room.

This room would not be very interesting without the bright "POP!" of the hot pink pillows.

Nor would this one!

I would imagine these pink light shades cast a beautiful warm glow in this dressing room.

The most subtle of subtle - a tiny pink bowl on the mantle with some pink flowers. 
So light and delicate - I love this room!

Perhaps our all time favorite bedroom - we both love this one:
Have you ever seen something so luxurious and girly?  Velvet, tufting and fur, OH MY!

What an impact a few pink throw pillows
 (seriously how many are on there? I think I count 13 - a little much, no??)
and some flowers can make!

We've posted this closet before, but it's still stunning!!

For those non-pink people, a little less:

For the pink luvahs - a little more:

Tinsley Mortimer takes this dress up a notch with a pink clutch and sandals:

As does our girl Zoe Saldana:

How amazing is Kate Moss in this dress with the slice of pink at the bottom?!

Whether you're a fan of pink or not, there's no argument it is great in small doses!

~ the Brunette

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