Thursday, April 8, 2010

{pink and red}: it's not just for valentines!!

As anyone with red hair will tell you - pink and red CLASH!

Without intending to, it seems we have brought you a new color scheme idea each week so far!  Some you may love and some may seem a little out there...but the point is, if it's something you love and makes you happy - you can make it work! 

Red and pink is one of those color combos for me - I had a preconceived idea that they clashed, and had to see it to believe it...

This pink and red diamond fabric is all over the place (and in other color combos) -
pattern: La Fiorentina by David Hicks

Pink wall, red sofa - sounds disgusting right? But man does this WORK!

Love the throw pillows on the neutral sofa, love the texture in the rug, love the pink poufs - how many times can I say "love" in one sentence?  Not enough!

Crazy bench but I kinda want one...

Does anyone else notice the inside of that "fireplace" painted pink?!  So cute!

If Jonathan Adler says it works - it works!

And the color doesn't just look good in the home - Zac Posen uses the color scheme on his Fall 2010 runway!

And of course the colors are amazing when it comes to food!  haha

And last but not least, I would wear it this way...
pink & red

pink & red by ablondeandabrunette featuring Tory Burch shoes

~ the Brunette

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