Wednesday, April 28, 2010

{style crush}: Olivia Palermo

In honor of The City premiering last night here's a look at one of the show's most stylish stars, Olivia Palermo.  She might be a little difficult on the show, but this girl knows how to look good.  

First off, she's freaking beautiful as a blonde...

and as a brunette.

I love her style!!  She's very NYC and pulls her looks off with perfection...

She's amazing, right?  Her street style is just as impressive...

Olivia has always been a huge fan of the statement necklace. 
(this is probably my most favorite look ever of her...I love the laid back ease of this perfectly styled outfit)

Recently, she partnered with  Roberta Freymann to create a few statement pieces of her own.  The necklaces are beautiful and are all named after neighborhoods in NYC.  Check it out here
Promo shot from the line...

A little embarrassing soon as I saw this line I decided I would jump on the trend immediateley so I bought one (obviously not from her line) and wore it and loved it.

Okay, so if you aren't already jealous enough of her tv show, career at Elle, jewelry gig, impeccable style and the simple fact that she's gorgeous...

Here's her awesome Tribecca apartment!

Love the neutrals with all the pops of glamour (super cute mirror pillows) and
color (to die for vintage Hermes tray)

I want this little nook...cream vintage chair with pink piping makes my heart flutter:)

And I saved the best for last...hold on to your's the closet shot...

Dear Olivia, I can tell I'm developing a slight obsession with you so please be nicer to people on the show because you are too pretty to be a mean girl.
the blonde

(most images courtesy of Red Carpet Awards and La Dolce Vita)


  1. omg. first of all, bitch is GORG. i want her hair and legs! possibly her job too, now that i think about it. ha! oh and not to mention her CLOSET! uhhhh can i just be her? that is all. ;)

  2. I love the necklace on you! It really works and makes the outfit. Forget the bandwagon, that necklace was a great pick!!!

  3. She is basically the picture of perfection:)
    MG - thanks for the sweet compliment!