Wednesday, April 21, 2010

feeling sheepish...

This is the cover that started it all.

You know when you first see or hear something and then instantly it's's like you've been surrounded by those certain images or sounds forever, but somehow you never noticed them until it was brought to your attention.

Case in point...the sheep!

Okay, granted this is the only house where I have actually seen an actual sheep, but sheepskin accessories are everywhere. Here are a few rooms that incorporated this look into their homes...

Seems like the most common approach people are taking is to drape a chair in this faux fur.  I think the key to most successful rooms (and outfits) is layers, and this is a perfect example of how you can add lots of unique interest with an extra layer.


Above is a very modern room and I think the fur actually makes it a little more cozy.
I adore the room's so interesting,

If you really want to commit to this look then try an entire faux fur chair!  I know it's a little odd, but to me it totally works and looks so glam!

Less commitment, stick with a pillow...
FYI- this is Jennifer Aniston's new house:)

The look doesn't always have to be modern.  This sheepskin pillow looks fab in a very shabby chic room.

A rug will also do the trick...
Sheepskin rugs scream decadence plus feel pretty awesome on the tootsies.

I'm not so much a fan of this room, but I do think that rug looks so dreamy...

I have a much smaller version in my powder room.  It's from Pier 1 and on clearance for $14 at the moment.

I would love to hear your comments...completely absurd or quirky cute?!?!
~the blonde


  1. definitely quirky cute!! I thinks its so versatile and glams up a dull room, or accentuates an already amazing room! LOVE IT!

  2. Thanks for your comment and I'm so glad you liked the post! Since writing this post I'm kind of obsessed with those sheepskin chairs:)