Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bravo for: 9 by Design

If you've turned on your tv in the past month, you've probably seen advertisements for the new show premiering tonight on Bravo -

9 by Design

I was a little turned off intially by this couple's proclamation of being "self-taught designers" because I totally disagree with that, but in the nature of keeping blog harmony, I will overlook that statement and say this couple is very creative and definitely has natural talent.  Mix in 7 kids and it's sure to be entertaining and inspiring!

Meet Robert and Cortney Novogratz:

together this couple owns and operates SIXX Design - where they carry every project from conception through completion. 
Not only do they juggle design and construction projects, but they also manage a household of 7 kids:

And if that's not enough, they recently published the book Downtown Chic

I was lucky enough to stumble across the book on CLEARANCE at TJ Maxx - had to be an accident! but it is also available at all book retailers or on Amazon.com

Here are a few of my favorite pages from the book:

This is my very favorite - I love the garage door in the dining room - while glass may not be practical, I LOVE the ability to expand your space into the outdoors at (literally) the push of a button.

I also love that they are not shy about displaying baby portraits.  Why keep photos of your loved ones in small frames - blow it up and call it art - because it IS!

These two are major fans of "flea market chic" and are so lucky to get to scour French flea markets for items below like the cathedral window, pendant fixtures, unique signage, etc.

My goal in life - a sleeping porch!! 
(notice the re-use of the pendant lights)

Aren't these outdoor spaces heavenly?!
They're from the family's vacation home - in Brazil.
Yeah, seriously.  :o)

The book is full of tips, inspirational links, and tons more pictures!
You should see their custom Christmas cards they do every year!  So creative!

Be sure to check it out 10 pm Central Time on Bravo - I know I'm excited!!

Have a great Tuesday!

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