Wednesday, April 14, 2010

just hanging around

Gallery walls create instant impact and interest.  I love the sporadic and completely random styles of the walls below.  Unfortunately, I tend to overthink everything so something like this is very hard for me to replicate.

  As much as I LOVE the random placement in these gallery walls I have to have the symmetry...

Little Green Notebook (one of my favorite blogs ever) created a inexpensive and striking gallery wall in her home that I completely copied...imitation is the highest form of flattery, right?!?  Art is so expensive, and when I read about her wall I was instantly inspired to do the her post and all the details here.

 For some reason (oh, b/c I over think everything) I thought that four columns would be too much for my room, but as soon as I hung the three I knew I should have done four.  Oh well, getting everything leveled and perfectly spaced only took an hour or two:)

(Please excuse the little sleepy head on the sofa)

A good way to combine the two styles is to keep your frames consistent and your placement random.

I'm in love with this foyer...

And the ultimate gallery wall...ceiling to floor...
Okay, now I hope you are a little inspired to go hang a few things regardless of your style...uptight like moi or completely haphazard like others.
~the blonde

FYI - All but four of today's pictures are from other bloggers' own homes.

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